The Permanent Diaconate in the Archdiocese of Birmingham

A Handbook


Guidelines for priest and deacon working together

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Foreword by Archbishop Vincent Nichols p.2

Part I – The Restoration of the Permanent Diaconate p.3

Part II – The Vision for the Permanent Diaconate

Archbishop Nichols pp.4-8

The Church p.4

The Ordained Ministry p.5

The Deacon p.5-7

Consequences of the Vision pp.7-8

Part III – The Life of the Deacon pp.9-11

Prayer and the Divine Office p.9

Diaconal Fraternity p.9

The single man p.9

The married Man pp.9-10

On-going formation pp.10-11

Part IV - Working together pp.12-20

The Bishop and the Deacon p.12

The Deacon & Diocese p.12

The Ministry of the Word p.12

The Ministry of the Altar pp.13-16

The Ministry of Charity pp. 16-17

Other Diocesan Issues p. 18

Priest, Deacon & Parish pp.18-20

Part V - Moves & Changes pp.21-22

New Parish Priest p.21

Induction of a Deacon into a Parish p.21

Preparing a Parish for a deacon p.21

Deacons from outside the diocese p.22

Part VI - Selection & Formation pp. 23-25

Discerning a Diaconal Vocation pp. 23-24

Selection p.25

The Oscott Formation Programme p.25

Directorate for the Permanent Diaconate p.25

Appendix 1 Process of Preparing a Parish for a Deacon pp. 26-27