For the Permanent Deacon formation does not end with ordination. It is a life long endeaver and "The continuing formation of deacons is a human necessity which must be seen in continuity with the divine call to serve the Church in the ministry" (1)

'Human Development' is about developing relationship skills, communication and personal behaviour and values. (2)

To this end It is therefore incumbent on all deacons to take part, insofar as it is possible, in the various in-service days organised by the diocese.

A deacon should seek out a suitable spiritual director with whom he can establish regular contact.

Whilst encouraged to make an annual retreat, at least every other year a deacon should take part in the retreat for deacons organized by the diocese , normally attending on even or odd years according to the year of ordination (3). Should a deacon choose to organize his own retreat he should notify the Director for the Permanent Diaconate as to what arrangements he has made.

If he has undertaken a specialised ministry he should seek appropriate training.

To help promote diaconal fraternity, area meetings of deacons should be seen as a priority.(4)

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