Priests and Deacons Prayer Card.

07-Jan    Rev Fr Joseph Vu-Duc-Yen and Dcn David Pranauskas
08-Jan    Rev Fr Jozef Waclawik and Dcn Philip Prince
09-Jan    Rev Fr Richard Walker and Dcn Paul Rabvukwa
10-Jan    Rev Fr Brian Wall and Dcn Anthony Rigby
11-Jan    Rev Fr John Walsh and Dcn Dale Roberts
12-Jan    Rev Fr Thomas Walton and Dcn Hugh Robinson
13-Jan    Rev Fr George Waraich and Dcn Philip Rogerson

14-Jan    Mgr Paul Watson and Dcn Paul Russell
15-Jan    Rev Peter Weatherby and Dcn Frank Ryan
16-Jan    Rev Fr Joseph Welch and Dcn Stephen Saum
17-Jan    Rev Fr Paul Whieldon and Dcn Michael Skidmore
18-Jan    Rev Fr Michael White and Dcn Trevor Smith
19-Jan    Rt Rev Mgr Anthony Wilcox and Dcn John Stark
20-Jan    Mgr Graham Wilkinson and Dcn Brian Theobald

21-Jan    Rev Fr Thomas Williams and Dcn Peter Tibke
22-Jan    Rev Fr William Wilton and Dcn Thomas Tranter
23-Jan    Rev Fr Stephen Wright and Dcn Steven Tuck
24-Jan   Rev Fr Robert Wright and Dcn Michael Vickery
25-Jan   Rev Fr Christopher Yuleand Dcn Philip Waites
26-Jan   Rev Fr Zbigniew Zieba and Dcn Michael Walker
27-Jan   Rev Fr Tomas Zuna and Dcn Michael Walsh

28-Jan    Br Oliver Craddock and Dcn Steve Walters
29-Jan    Dom Alexander Austin and Dcn David Williams
30-Jan    Dom Benedict Thompson and Dcn John Woodhead
31-Jan    Dom Edward Crouzet OSB and Wives and Families of deacons
01-Feb   Dom Edward Delephine and Deceased Permanent Deacons
02-Feb   Fr Andrew Martinez, SDVand Deacons’ widows
03-Feb   Fr Anthony Joyceand Dcn Neil Adlington

04-Feb   Fr Augustus Umanah and Dcn Michael Ainsworth
05-Feb   Fr Cecil Rogerson and Dcn Henry Allen
06-Feb   Fr Charles A Sormany and Dcn Hugh Anscombe
07-Feb   Fr Christopher Fitzpatrick and Dcn Tim Anthony
08-Feb   Fr Christopher Marshall and Dcn David Baccas
09-Feb   Fr Damian Ozokwere, C.S.Sp. and Dcn William Baines
10-Feb   Fr Daniel Lloyd and Dcn Christopher Blackman

11-Feb   Fr Dominic Chukka and Dcn Trevor Borthwick
12-Feb   Fr Ireneusz Maraszkiewicz and Dcn Peter Bowyer
13-Feb   Fr Jaison Karippai Kurian  and Dcn Anthony Bradshaw
14-Feb   Fr Jeremy Howard and Dcn John Brindley
15-Feb   Fr John Bland and Dcn Terence Charles
16-Feb   Fr John Lungley and Dcn David Child
17-Feb   Fr John O’Brien and Dcn Desmond Chilton

18-Feb   Fr John Pitchfordand Dcn Brian Cox
19-Feb   Fr John Villarete, SDV and Dcn Bernard Curtin
20-Feb   Fr Joseph Gardener and Dcn Adrian Davies
21-Feb   Fr Joseph Nwaforand Dcn William (Tony) Davies
22-Feb   Fr Krzysztof Kitaand Dcn Tony Deaville
23-Feb   Fr Marcin Wysocki and Dcn Clifford Duckett
24-Feb   Fr Matthew Pittam and Dcn Rev Patrick Duffy

25-Feb   Fr Michael Bonaccorsi and Dcn Charles Duncombe
26-Feb   Fr Michael Puljicand Dcn Stephen Dunton
27-Feb   Fr Patrick Mileham and Dcn Dominic Fahey
28-Feb   Fr Paul Berrett and Dcn David Fairbotham
01-Mar  Fr Paul Burch and Dcn Jack Foxall
02-Mar  Fr Paul Lester, CO and Dcn Stephen Gee
03-Mar  Fr Paul Martin and Dcn Ajit Gomez

04-Mar  Fr Philip Long Nguyen and Dcn John Green
05-Mar  Fr Pius Duniya and Dcn John Green
06-Mar  Fr Robert Devaney and Dcn Peter Griffiths
07-Mar  Fr Salvatore Musella and Dcn Anthony Hartshorn
08-Mar  Fr Soji Mathew Olikkal and Dcn Melvyn Harwood
09-Mar  Fr Stan Nwanunobi, C.S.Sp. and Dcn Paul Hender
10-Mar  Fr Stephen Holdsworth, OSB and Dcn Peter Hesketh

11-Mar  Mgr Graham Wilkinson and Dcn Anthony Hewitt
12-Mar  Mgr John Heslin  and John Higgins
13-Mar  Mgr Louis McRaye and Dcn Stuart Hill
14-Mar  Mgr Mark Crisp   and Dcn Mike Horsnall.
15-Mar  Mgr Paul Watsonand Dcn Robert Hughes
16-Mar  Mgr Robert D Murphy and Dcn Terry Hum
17-Mar  Mgr Timothy Menezes and Dcn Daniel Hurd

18-Mar  Monsignor Patrick Daly and Dcn Tony Janew
19-Mar  Rev Fr Adrian MacNamara and Dcn Patrick Jeary
20-Mar  Rev Fr Aldo Tapparo and Dcn Peter Kilgallon
21-Mar  Rev Fr Alessandro Locatelli SCJ and Dcn Michael Lennon
22-Mar  Rev Fr Alexander (Sandy) Brown and Dcn Andrew Lomas
23-Mar  Rev Fr Allen Morris and Dcn Sean Loone
24-Mar  Rev Fr Andrew Berry OSB and Dcn Peter Mason

25-Mar  Rev Fr Andrew Foster and Dcn Paul Mayland
26-Mar  Rev Fr Andrew Franklin and Dcn David McCarroll RIP
27-Mar  Rev Fr Andrew McCann and Dcn Michael McGrail
28-Mar  Rev Fr Andrew Robinson  and Dcn Mick McKearney
29-Mar  Rev Fr Andy Kenny and Dcn Peter Middleton
30-Mar  Rev Fr Anthony Davies and Dcn Keith Millage
31-Mar  Rev Fr Anthony de Vereand Dcn Max Ngamsha

01-Apr   Rev Fr Anthony Dykes and Dcn Adam Nicholls
02-Apr   Rev Fr Anthony Norton and Dcn Stephen Norman
03-Apr   Rev Fr Anthony Pham-Tri-Van and Dcn Gerard Nosowski
04-Apr   Rev Fr Anthony Rohan and Dcn John O'Brien
05-Apr   Rev Fr Anthony Talbot and Dcn Patrick Oldman
06-Apr   Rev Fr Anton Guziel and Dcn Kevin O’Connor
07-Apr   Rev Fr Anton Madej and Dcn Paul O’Connor

08-Apr   Rev Fr Antony Conlon and Dcn Gerard O'Reilly
09-Apr   Rev Fr Arul Samy and Dcn Patrick Oldman
10-Apr   Rev Fr Austin Hughes and Dcn David Palmer
11-Apr   Rev Fr Bengt-ove Jakobsson and Dcn Michael Panejko
12-Apr   Rev Fr Bernard Anwyl and Dcn Joe Patterson
13-Apr   Rev Fr Bernard Garratt and Dcn Richard Pemberton
14-Apr   Rev Fr Bernard Kelly and Dcn Leo Pool

15-Apr   Rev Fr Bernard O’Connorand Dcn David Pranauskas
16-Apr   Rev Fr Bernard Rolls OSA and Dcn Philip Prince
17-Apr   Rev Fr Biju Varghese SDV and Dcn Paul Rabvukwa
18-Apr   Rev Fr Bogdan ?uku? CRL and Dcn Anthony Rigby
19-Apr   Rev Fr Brendan Callaghanand Dcn Dale Roberts
20-Apr   Rev Fr Brendan Carrick and Dcn Hugh Robinson
21-Apr   Rev Fr Brian Boyle and Dcn Philip Rogerson

22-Apr   Rev Fr Brian Doolan and Dcn Paul Russell
23-Apr   Rev Fr Brian Lawlor and Dcn Frank Ryan
24-Apr   Rev Fr Brian Wall and Dcn Stephen Saum
25-Apr   Rev Fr Bruce Burbidge and Dcn Michael Skidmore
26-Apr   Rev Fr Bruce Dutson and Dcn Trevor Smith
27-Apr   Rev Fr Charles Miller and Dcn John Stark
28-Apr   Rev Fr Charles Serignat and Dcn Brian Theobald

29-Apr   Rev Fr Christopher Besterand Dcn Peter Tibke
30-Apr   Rev Fr Christopher Draycott and Dcn Thomas Tranter
01-May Rev Fr Christopher Greaney and Dcn Steven Tuck
02-May Rev Fr Christopher Handforth and Dcn Michael Vickery
03-May Rev Fr Christopher Miller and Dcn Philip Waites
04-May Rev Fr Christopher Yule and Dcn Michael Walker
05-May Rev Fr Cornelius Safe and Dcn Michael Walsh