For those who are not so well

Many of you may know that Philip Prince has been fighting cancer for some time. He has now been accepted as a participant in a trial of a new treatment. Please remember Philip, Susie and their family in your prayers at this time.

Rob Breedon, his wife Christine and their family.

Gerry O'Reilly, Stephen Gee and Desmond Chilton.

Please also pray for those who carry their illnesses privately.


For those Recently dead

For David Mccarroll (Stafford) who died 27th August 2017
For Loise Dockerty (Tettenhall) who died 3rd May 2017 wife of the late Deacon Bryan Dockerty
For Rev Mr Francis Andrews  who died 5th September 1916
For Meg Linthwaite, (Rednal) who died 29th May 2016. Wife of Pat Linthwaite RIP
Rev Mr James Fantham RIP who died 30th April 2016
For Rev Mr Mark Carter RIP who died 15th January 2016

For the Deceased in Order Month Updated September 2017

January 6th 2012                Doreen Green (Wife of Deacon John Green)
January 11th 2004               Rev.  Mr. William Murphy RIP  
January14th 2010               Rev. Mr Brian Dockerty RIP              

March 18th 2015                 Rev Mr Tom Ashcroft RIP
March 9th 2009                   Rev. Mr. James Rowe  RIP

April 1st 2003                      Rev. Mr. Ray Zacaroli  RIP  
April 23rd 2014                   Rev. Mr. Peter Seeney RIP
April 30th 2016                  Rev Mr James Fantham RIP

May 3rd 2017                      Louse Dockert (wife of Rev Brian Dockery RIP)
May 10th 2004                    Rev. Mr. James Duffy RIP

May 13th 2010                    Angela Bowyer RIP  (wife of Deacon Peter Bowyer)
May 29th 2001                    Rev. Mr. William Parker RIP
May 29th 2016                    Meg Linthwaite (wife of Pat Linthwaite RIP)

June 9th 2006                     Rev Mr. Peter Phelan RIP 
June 20th 2014                   Marie Hughes (Wife of Bob Hughes)
June 25th 1997                   Rev. Mr. Henry Dowd RIP
June 26th 2013                   Rev. Mr. Ralph Watkins RIP

July 9th 2008                      Rev. Mr. Anthony Batman RIP
July 25th 2011                    Mary Selwood RIP    (Wife of Pat Selwood died Oct 1998)
July 27th 2014                    Rev Mr Ernest Titmarsh RIP

August 5th 2008                Rev. Mr. John Leach RIP
August 21st 2006               Rev. Mr. Douglas Taylor RIP
August 25th 1997               Rev. Mr Henry Dowd RIP
August 27th 2017              Rev. Mr David McCarroll RIP

September 5th 2016         Rev Mr. Francis Andrews RIP
September 25th 2009       Rev. Mr Michael McCormack RIP 

September 1996                Pauline Higgins RIP(wife of Deacon John Higgins)
September  2002              Sheila Colby RIP (wife of Deacon Tony Colby RIP)   
September 30th 2012       Rev. Mr. Tony Colby RIP

October 1st 2014                Rev John Michael Burrows
October  9th  1998             Rev. Mr. Patrick Selwood RIP

October 10th 2014          Hilda Seeney (wife of Deacon Peter Seeney RIP) 
October 13th 2011             Rev. Louis Kelly
October 08                          Ann  Zacaroli  RIP (wife of Deacon Ray Zacaoli RIP)

November 1st 2007          Rev. Mr. Paul Grosvenor RIP
November 11th 2015       Teresa Livesey RIP (wife of Deacon Louis Livesey)

November 15th 2001       Rev. Mr. J. Burton RIP
November 22nd 2014     Rev Mr. P Linthwaite RIP
November 29th 2011       Margaret Stark RIP (wife of Deacon John Stark)

December 15th 2005       Rev. Mr. Brian Salter RIP
December 15th 2009       Rev. Mr. Henry Atkinson RIP

Dates not known
Eileen Ainsworth (deceased) Wife of Deacon Michael Ainsworth
Mary Andrews (deceased) wife of Deacon Francis Andrews